Paradise Gardens

Organization Description: 

Paradise Gardens Wildlife Rescue is a completely volunteer run and donation funded animal rescue site. We accept all animals that are brought here, often they are injured or have been abused or they are babies who have been seperated from their mothers and or troupes. We do our best to rehabilitate all the animals and prepare them to be released back into their natural environment. Some animals cannot be released and these we provide a home and care. We are the only wildlife rescue in Panama accepting all types of animals. Because of this we receive animals from all over Panama. We do not buy or sell animals because we see the terrible effects that the pet trade has had on many of our rescue animals. Paradise Gardens Wildlife Rescue has been in operation since 2002 and completely volunteer run and donation funded since 2008.

Volcancito Road
Boquete, Boquete
Mission Statement: 

Paradise Gardens' Mission

Paradise Gardens is a group of animal loving volunteers whose mission is to rescue, provide sanctuary for, and if possible, ultimately release back into the wild , abandoned, abused, and injured animals. By involving and educating the community, Paradise Gardens works to raise awareness of the tremendous effort it takes to care for animals that have been failed by humans, in such ways as illegal trade, deforestation, cruelty and ignorance on the part of humans.

Our vision is to create a world where the animals we share it with are treated with respect and understanding and where habitat is preserved to ensure the indefinite survival of these creatures. In creating such a world, we hope the same principles will carry over into the way humans treat each other.

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