Partners for Care

Organization Description: 

Partners for Care envisions a day when the spread of HIV / AIDS will be eliminated in regions served through testing and education of at risk peoples, and when those already infected will be provided with compassionate and ongoing care to improve their longevity and quality of life while educating to prevent further transmission, including the unnecessary transmission from an infected mother to her unborn child. We also imagine a day when malaria is no longer a death sentence to millions annually in developing nations.

Partners for Care is currently focusing all of its efforts and resources on these issues within the East African nation of Kenya - as this is the land where we feel called to serve, and where God has led us into many deep and strategic relationships which we believe will multiply our efforts and effectiveness.

Key components of Partners for Care strategy include locating and supporting skilled indigenous people of varying skills and backgrounds - nurses, social workers, musicians, pastors or lay leaders - anyone with a heart for people and for evangelism, to deliver education and compassionate care at the point of need.

Partners for Care believes in equipping people with the knowledge, tools and resources necessary to carry on the battle in their part of the world – to the extent possible with their own people and in their own way – rather than prescribing methods and practices that may be ill suited to the people of the region. Further, Partners for Care believes in taking on initiatives with a long term (in human terms) and an eternal view, seeking to both deliver the gospel of Christ wherever we serve, and committing to long term support of the projects undertaken. We believe this is consistent with Jesus’ instructions of his disciples to go and make disciples of all nations. In the Great Commission, Christ told his followers to baptize and teach, but did not tell them to enforce their own traditions or style of worship for the new believers. Likewise, Partners for Care believes that providing the truth, knowledge and resources will empower the people served – while allowing Partners for Care to have broader impact than would be possible through more traditional mission outreach models.

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Mission Statement: 

Partners for Care exists to glorify God by battling the spread and effects of HIV/AIDS and other preventible disease through partnership with other individuals, organizations and agencies.

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