Pentecost Day 2010

Organization Description: 

An Adhoc Organization of Willing Workers Who Work in Earnest To Bring Tens of Thousands of Christians From Around the World to Milwaukee, Wisconsin (USA) in May 2010, for the sole purpose of gathering to Celebrate the 2000+ Year Anniversary of the Formation of The Christian Church.

Organizational Email:
1100 South 34th Street
Milwaukee, WI 53215
Mission Statement: 

To Preserve, Promote, and Advance Christianity and the Christian Way.

Bring Christians from Around the World to one locale, to celebrate the 2000+ Anniversary of the Formation of the Christian Church.

Establish a Christian Film & Sound Archive that houses wholesome and inspirational
motion picture films, televised shows, music and sound recordings, that honors and
glorifies God, proclaims His Word, and spreads the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

One Divine Body Under God.

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