Penuel Gospel & Welfare Organization

Visakhapatnam, 530007
Mission Statement: 


Greetings to you in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ

I am Prasanna Kumar, and my brother kiran kumar from Visakhapatnam, Andhrapradesh in India.

I am a Christian. My family is a Christian family. I am 34 years old. I have wife and two sons. My father was expired in April 5,1998. On that day is a Palm Sunday. He is a great worker in God's work. He cached 120 souls in his life. My father have two sons. I am the elder son. I have no sisters. He is conducting prayer group in every Friday. Since 1982. He is a police officer. In rest of his duties he is doing spread the gospel in rural areas. After My father death what we are doing in front of my family. Myself and my brother and my mother very disappointed in this sudden shock. We are very little children on that year. We have no proper guidance to do the God's work. A big question mark in front of my faces. After few days we will decided to serve the God. We will continue my Late father's work. Spread the gospel in Rural areas. After few months I have got a small job. I am completed my post graduation. In this way my ministry is developed,now my brother work full time with God. I spare some money from my salary and built a very very small church in slum area. Now nearly 200 people gathered there and worship on Sunday. we will conduct every day prayer meetings in various places in slum areas in afternoon, and also conduct youth worship, women's worship, children's worship in Friday,Saturday and Sunday evenings. and also I am conducting big crusades in various places in my own. I will bring speaker's in different places. I conduct three days. In the morning conduct seminars in various biblical subjects. My last crusade held in January.

Not only this I am organizing children camps, elders camps. We will go to a tribal villages far around 200Kms, there we stay for days, we will bring food, water, clothes, gospel tracks, Jesus Christ movies, and sound system etc.. I have to take 4 mini trucks for rent for this purposes. There we spread the Gospel for tribal people, in the night time shows the Jesus film.

Not only this, I help the poor people, I will give some gifts to them. like sarees, cloths, blankets etc..In Christmas eve we will go to conduct slum area Christmas function. there we celebrate the Christmas, and there I give some sweets. In the Christmas day I give the big dinner for poor people. around 1000 people were participated in this dinner.

Finally, I want to say some few words to you. My church located in slum area. my church members very very poor people, they are doing like rickshaw pullers, house servants, beggars, daily labourer's etc., I don't have any support from others.and also I don't have any bank balance,or any huge amounts. In Lord's presence I am doing all these works my own money. I spare some money from my salary in every month. We don't know how to doing all these works. Now days going on, our ministry is also improved, how to do all these works. in this way we pray to god, we have so many plans to spread the gospel and served love for poor old people.

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