Philip Aziz Centre for Hospice Care

Organization Description: 

As a hospice built in the memory of Philip Aziz who embraced Christian values of compassion, unconditional love, hope and healing, we provide care for adults, children and families for a life lived fully to the end.

Philip Aziz Centre demonstrates best practices, innovation and the highest level of skill, training and compassion in the delivery of hospice care, upholding the dignity and respect of each individual.

558 Gerrard Street East
Toronto, ON m4m 1x8
Mission Statement: 

Philip Aziz Centre is a community based non-profit hospice providing practical, physical emotional and spiritual support for adults, children and families living with life-limiting illnesses, and for their loved ones. Staff and volunteers strive to deliver with excellence compassionate and skilled care that is always respectful of peopleÂ’s beliefs, choices, faith and culture, and that promotes dignity, hope and life lived fully to the end.

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

The Philip Aziz Centre has adopted the following set of beliefs and values to guide their work.

Sanctity of Life – Every life is sacred and has meaning and value.

Dignity and Respect - Uphold dignity, by respecting choices, beliefs, orientation, gender and culture, and by treating each person fairly and equitably according to their needs.

Compassionate Service – Meeting each person at the place of their need with thoughtfulness, understanding, skill and sensitivity.

Community – Engaged with and relevant to the needs of the community.

Social Responsibility – Accountability is demonstrated to our stakeholders by the prudent use of resources given to us in trust.

Fulfillment/Reward -Our fulfillment is in honoring the legacy of Philip Aziz through the care and comfort of every person while helping to make a difficult life journey more manageable, meaningful and memorable.

In accordance with provincially accepted value statements, the Children’s Hospice also values:

• The uniqueness and autonomy of each child/youth and family we serve
• Life and accepts death as a natural part of life
• The need to address suffering, expectations, needs, hopes and fears of children/youth and their families in a professional and ethical manner
• The right of each child/youth and their family to make decisions to accept or decline care
• Care that is focused on quality of life as defined by the children/youth and families we serve
• Caring relationships that are based on dignity and integrity

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