A Place-2-Live, Inc.

Organization Description: 

The primary focus of A Place 2 Live is our housing placement service. Our applicants are primarily those individuals with less than perfect credit, fixed income, and past evictions who have difficulty obtaining affordable and reliable housing on their own. After an applicant is accepted into the program and becomes a client, they are given a list of housing options based on vacancy and affordability. After the client has chosen a unit, A Place 2 Live enters into a rental agreement (and consent to sublease) with the individual property owner or property manager to place the client into the property. We remain liable for all rents and obligations including curing any immediate default under the agreement. We guarantee the rent for an entire year, while helping the client to become credit worthy to reapply for the unit after the year is done. Our hours of operation are: Mon, Wed, Thurs, Fri. 10am-5pm

301 Georgia St. Ste. 221`
Vallejo, CA 94590
Mission Statement: 

A Place-2-Live, Inc., is a nonprofit organization that serves all communities needing our assistance. We provide residential placement services for low to moderate-income families and life skills training, helping our clients to become self-sufficient over time.

Our clients are individuals and families who are facing homelessness or homeless because of severe credit problems, history of evictions or lack of affordable housing. We also provide financial literacy and housing counseling.

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