Positive Peace Group

Organization Description: 

The Positive Peace Group is a Non-Governmental association in Cameroon founded in 2011 by mostly masters degree and PhD students and some professionals studying and working in fields directly or indirectly related to Peace, Development, Democracy, International Relations, Law and Human Rights. Its vision is to have a Cameroonian society in particular and an African society in general living in positive peace and development. Its mission is to promote sustainable development by fostering peaceful (co)existence within and between people and between people and the environment. It has offices in Yaoundé and Bamenda. Its programs include the promotion of peace and environmental education and research through seminars, short and long training programs, conferences, workshops, cultural manifestations, theatre, etc.; Promotion of human rights especially women, children and minority rights; Dissemination of early warning signals as a means of conflict prevention; Promotion of mediation as a means of conflict prevention and management; Promotion of democracy and good governance; Promotion of peace awards and distinctions.

Last year the organisation carried out a number of projects and activities including trainings on human rights, gender, sexual violence, peace, conflict and fundraising. The organisation also continued its sensitisation campaign on sexual violence against girls in schools in Cameroon, with the support of the Open Society Foundations and local partners. The PPG has created a weekly radio program on Radio Health International (Yaounde FM 95.7), ACCESS POINT, which addresses issues of youths, human rights, peace, and development. Former editions have handled issues such as youth and peacebuilding, peace education, sexual violence, domestic violence, prostitution, sexual harassment, disability, domestic workers, street children, and children's rights. The program is continuing for 2015 with a team of 4 reporters.

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Mission Statement: 

Our mission is to promote sustainable development by fostering peaceful (co)existence within and between people and between people and the environment. We have the mission to work diligently, hand in hand with all stakeholders to empower the youth, women, children and men on peacebuilding, human rights protection and promotion, good governance and accountability, gender equality, political participation, economic and health development, environmental protection.

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