Presbytery of South Louisiana

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The Presbyterian Church’s Young Adult Volunteer (YAV) Program is a year long program that challenges young adults to explore their relationship to the church and its ministry in a broken world. Participants face the challenges and blessings of living in an intentional Christian community and deepening their faith in God through service and reflection.

YAVs of the Presbytery of South Louisiana experience a year of service in ministries with local congregations and organizations related to disaster recovery, education, chaplaincy, wetlands education and advocacy, housing development, volunteer management, and much more. All of the volunteer positions allow YAVs to be a reflection of God’s presence and everlasting love and peace for all people.

YAVs experience how to build and support an intentional Christian community committed to exploring how each volunteer’s service experience and faith are related to:

Personal Development

Spiritual Practice

Community & Simple Living

Social Justice

The PSL YAV Site is honored to be one of many sites where YAVs are invited grow as servant leaders in our ever-changing world.

504-942-0401 ex. 224
2221 Filmore Ave.
New Orleans, LA 70122
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