Prime Care Network

Organization Description: 

Prime Care Network is a humanitarian organization focused on building a vibrant society through the promotion of education, health-care and development of human capital of the less-privileged in Ghana. Enabling people from around the world to share their skills and expertise on our projects and fully being immersed in Ghanaian cultures. We welcome volunteer applications from all, regardless of age or experience. We facilitate placements for one or more people, for a minimum of two (2) weeks and can secure the placement within two (2) working days of receiving your enquiry. We offer placements that will either utilize skills you hold already or give opportunity to learn new skills. We will match your skills and expectations with those of your chosen options to ensure your placements is a professionally as well as personally, rewarding experience. This is achieved through our rigorous partners and application processing. We are also able to do arrangements for people who want to participate in other sustainable developmental projects in Ghana.

Location: os 408,Accra Ghana
Accra, 23321
Mission Statement: 

Organise the youthful energies into productive activities through voluntary, cultural exchange and knowledge transfer programmes to facilitate the implementation of social intervention projects for needy African Communities.

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