Project URGE (Urban Revitalization God Experienced)

Organization Description: 

* Project URGE has exemplified the meaning of collaboration through its work with churches, missions, and agencies in and around the City of Rochester and neighboring communities.
* The intent of Project URGE is to draw people together from faith communities that reflect diversity, both in backgrounds and race.
* Additionally, we try to impact existing ministries and agencies with support through volunteers, volunteer organizations, and finances (grant writing).
* Project URGE believes that by working together, we strengthen and have a greater impact on our communities. It is within this process that the walls and barriers that divide us denominationally, racially, and by class - begin to fall away.
* Project URGE seeks to create a forum for greater communication between programs and how those programs can share responsibility across denominational lines.

585.458.5927 x104
Organizational Email:
121 Driving Park Ave.
Rochester, NY 14613
Mission Statement: 

Connecting and uniting churches, organizations, and individuals in working together to break down barriers of poverty, race, and despair in the name of Jesus Christ.

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