Promise for Haiti

Organization Description: 

Our Vision All people in Central Haiti being served in the name of Jesus Christ, and empowered with healthcare and education. Our Purpose To serve as a stateside partner of the Comité Bienfaisance de Pignon and other local affiliated Haitian leaders to fulfill our mission by performing the following duties: 1) Provide Financial Support We provide Comité Bienfaisance and other affiliated local leaders with financial support for programs in Healthcare, Education, Safe Water & Sanitation, Agricultural Development, Spiritual Development, and Economic Development, according to their priorities. Our staff is focused on maximizing the mission impact from every donation we receive. 2) Recruit and Support Volunteers We recruit volunteers to support the Comité Bienfaisance mission with their time, money, love and expertise. We believe volunteers add greatest value by working alongside Haitians. We recognize the need to collaborate with and, at times, to educate the local labor force. We strive to hire local talent whenever possible. We welcome volunteers who simply wish to experience Haiti. 3) Provide Expertise to Establish and Maintain Self-Sustaining Operations in Haiti We work with Comité Bienfaisance to establish best practices of operations. We provide continuing education for teachers, healthcare providers, and administrative staff. We support evaluative programs within the healthcare system and schools. We support Comité Bienfaisance in securing additional partners for long-term sustainability of their programs.

4402 Howell Place
Nashville, TN 37205
Mission Statement: 

Promise for Haiti exists to demonstrate the love of Jesus Christ by partnering with, and investing in, local Haitian leaders to provide the best healthcare and education in Haiti.

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

Promise for Haiti is an ecumenical, Christian organization. We exist to
demonstrate Jesus love by sharing His gospel with those who wish to
hear and by showing love to all.

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