The Queen Esther Movement

Organization Description: 

We do one on one mentoring, usually by
Ministering on a variety of subjects in Houses of Worship, Non profit organizations, we have also done assemblies in public schools.
Two websites that are geared to urban youth (females) of all ethnicities. These sites are received extremely well. We are also a resource for a number of internet ministries.

Created our own business, post, marketing and greeting cards to reach youth with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Most of the graphics featured on our websites are actually cards created for the movement. (The Queen Esther Movement)

Organizational Email:
1700 West Market Street
Akron, OH 44313
Mission Statement: 

BOHS Ministries is designed to reach urban pre-teen, teen and college entry-level females with the gospel of Jesus Christ.
We are committed to enriching their lives with developing a Biblical worldview regard life issues they face daily. Whether involving, education, recreation, romance and developing a relationship with Jesus Christ.

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