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RAISING UP HOPE FOR UGANDA is a multi-dimensional organization seeking to provide a wide range of services to orphans, street kids and other children held back by poverty, abandonment, abuse, or other difficult circumstances. Raising Up Hope for Uganda is a voluntary, non-partisan, non-governmental organization seeking to operate under Biblical Christian principles and the leading of the Holy Spirit. Literally thousands of children are being left orphaned and homeless on a daily basis as the deadly HIV/AIDS virus sweeps across the globe. It is estimated that by the year 2010, there will be over 40 million children left orphaned by this horrendous disease. Up to 95% of these children will be living in sub-Saharan Africa. AIDS Orphans & Street Children (RUHU) was established in 2006 to help care for such children. The vision and goal of RUHU is to provide for children whose parents have died of the HIV/AIDS virus, and children who do not have a sustaining family. RUHU provides, in a loving Christian home atmosphere, food, clothing, shelter, discipline, music and Bible training, practical training for the future. Training includes such things as sewing, cooking, construction, gardening, farming, . Our goal is that these children will grow up to be self-sustaining in their adult life.

Projects With Eternal Purpose AIDS Orphans and Street Children opened its first Orphan Rescue Unit in November of 2001. This new concept in taking the ?orphanage to the orphan? has been very successful and is literally saving lives. Through these Units, we are meeting the needs of children who once had no one to care for them. We are also making a difference by enhancing village life through the donations of nutrition seminars, wells and grinding mills. As we are driven by the compassion of Christ, we have seen more ways that we can improve the standard of living for these people by providing more service opportunities. Though we are meeting their physical needs, we want to meet their spiritual needs as well by introducing them to the Lord Jesus Christ. Each project enables us to have additional outreach with not only the orphans but also their entire village. As you review this project list, we ask that you prayerfully consider how you can help meet one or more of these needs that will literally change

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Raising up hope p.o.box.37 bulenga,kampala uganda
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The Raising Up for Uganda currently has opportunities aimed at providing primary and secondary education to needy children and community outreach and counseling with widow and youth in the village this provides an opportunity to experience Ugandan life first-hand while working to improve your host community.


Raising Up Hope for Uganda has project based in Bulenga town and a long Mitala Maria Mpigi district were we have other orphans that we cater for . Our project is aimed at providing primary and secondary education , community outreach and counseling and our organization has got a orphanage home for those children that were abandoned like on streets. Our project has little or no resources, so foreign volunteers with different ideas and experiences are high valued. Please note that our project require volunteers who are self-starters and can conduct their daily activities with minimal supervision. specific daily schedules and activities will be determined upon their arrival.


Raising Up Hope for Uganda with a small community based organization that provide education, care and counseling for rural people and orphaned and underprivileged children. Raising Up Hope for Uganda is located in a village setting within Wakiso and Mpigi District .

Each village placement will provide a different experience for a volunteer, but main activities will involve working with local children and youth teaching ,nursery teaching, and primary education. Volunteers work in area of sports, art, games and academics.

For volunteers with medical background and education, placements can involve work in local clinic with small health-based community organization.

Community outreach activities, such as youth mentoring , HIV prevention and AIDS care. Long terms volunteers are encouraged to get involved despite the language barrier, and see the development work done at the village level.

A village placement is particularly appropriate for those volunteers with great ideas and enthusiasm for grass root development. There are ample opportunities for volunteers to learn Luanda the language spoken in Wakiso and Mpigi district.

However, if you wish to work in a very remote area with HIV positive orphans, we have a project in Mitala Maria ( Mpigi district) ( about 2 hours away from our programs in Wakiso district). This is the area where HIV/AIDS most devastated Uganda. The organization is focused on bringing aid, education, and love to the orphans of the area, many of whom lost their parents due to AIDS illnesses.

Volunteers are help with feeding, organizing play, art, and craft, hygiene and HIV/AIDS education appropriate to children ages level (3 to 15)

Volunteers may also asked to help with administrative work such as setting up budget, updating paperwork, writing proposals, and setting up/ maintaining personal file for each of the children. (please note that there is a significant language barrier between yourself and the children. Local teacher will have to help you with translation.) this is a challenging but Amazing program for volunteers with experience organizing children, such as camp counsels, day care workers and people who love children. Bring your games, song, and enthusiasm to the village. No home stay situations available.


Raising Up Hope for Uganda is partnering with of one of the schools in the village of which this school has got a lot of needy children, volunteers can teach nursery and primary subjects and organize sport and art activities for the children. school terms vary from year to year but are approximately as follow:

February 1 to April 30, may 20 to august 30, September 15 to November 15. at the moment we have no secondary volunteer program.

Youth project

This is multi-faceted project promoting the voluntary spirit in Uganda. Foreign volunteer will work along side Ugandan volunteers in a variety of programs directly benefiting local communities, which will include the following activities:

Community outreach: includes home visits ( often to the remotest villages in the district) to elderly, disabled, and persons living with HIV/AIDS to assist with household tasks such as washing, preparing food and keeping company. This is a good opportunity for volunteers to see the daily challenges faced by marginalized groups in Uganda.

Youth mentoring: public speaking and mentoring of youth and youth leaders respecting HIV/AIDS awareness, public health/hygiene, family planning , condom use and distribution, the importance of basic education, These are the most important and most common activities undertaken by volunteers. Camping, hunting or fishing trips may also take place during these mentoring sessions volunteers are asked to bring camping gear.

Due to the fact that the organization as just started we haven?t setup a house for our volunteers but its in program so we have to book for our volunteers a cheap And affordable hotel.


The program is based in wakiso district in a village called NAKUWADDE VILLAGE which is 7 miles out of Kampala city. Volunteers are placed in Bulenga town, and its surrounding village.

Program requirements

Volunteers must prevent themselves with medicine against diseases malaria before they come.

We will be happy to receive you in our organization and I know it will be great experience with you.

you can contact us: raisinguphope@gmail.com


"Be the change you wish to see in future"

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it will nw here soon

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