Reborn Ministry

Organization Description: 

Our faith-based organization is located in the Garfield Park Community and serves at-risk children, teens, broken families, women coming out of jail, and etc. We work with various churches across the country as they come in throughout the year to serve. We mentor adults in various areas of need as we create Circles of Love and develop programs and offer classes. Our youth ministry includes a youth center where we train teens different skills through hands- on-learning lead by college students or adults from the community. These include Auto mechanics, wood shop, cooking, several types of arts, etc. We have a leadership program called Step It Up, and work in Orr Academy High School. We coach sports and run after school programs both inside schools and out.. Our kid’s ministry entitled Soul Purpose reaches 100’s of kids each year as we put on block parties, summer camps, and small carnivals. All of our Board Members live in the community. We started in January of 2008. For more information please refer to our website or call Robert Nobile 773-403-5403

131 S Pulaski Ave
Chicago, IL 60624
Mission Statement: 

Our Mission: is to exalt Christ by Building a Reborn Community through loving one person at a time into a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Our Vision: is to see God Glorified as lives in our community are being consistently Reborn through inward transformation.

Our inner-city problems of brokenness come out of two fundamental areas of influence. Many people within broken communities have been brought up with a destructive environmental influences and deficient relational influences . The backbone of a healthy family is the father; the backbone of a healthy community is the family. When Satan breaks down fathers and families through sinful means the environment of the whole community becomes broken. Something fundamentally has to change in the hearts of individuals to transform the heart of the community. We believe inward transformation births healthy communities. Souls Changed = Reborn Community

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

Reborn is located in Garfield Park Community, which use to be one of the more attractive areas to live in, and was drastically destroyed by the race riots of the sixties and has not recovered since. Not only do people not want to live in this community but they do not even want to drive through it. Today it is a crime ridden neighborhood filled with gangs, prostitution, homelessness and broken homes. Garfield Park is now 98% African American. According to the annual Chicago police report the Garfield Park police district led the city in murders in 2007 and in the top for 2008. 60% of the people live below the poverty line. It was ranked by a local hospital as the most dangerous community for a child to live in.

According to the census, West Garfield Park is below the national average in categories such as education, food, health care, reading, personal care, etc. However, the community is above the national average in the risk of personal crime, property crime, robbery, auto theft, rape, murder, and assault.

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