Redeemed Home

Nkokonjeru Road
Mukono, no postal
Mission Statement: 

Redeemed Home is a Christ-based organisation with the intent of reaching and changing the lives of needy and orphaned girls in the Mukono community, and eventually in the whole of Uganda. In particular, Redeemed Home hopes to provide guidance to young girls on how to improve the quality of their lives by focusing on academic and spiritual education.

These girls are in their present condition widely due to the HIV/AIDS pandemic. Their condition includes lacking the means to go to school, receive medical care and even attain daily necessities. As a result, many young girls end up being exploited in child labour and early marriages.

Redeemed Home aims to:
• Nurture the girls knowledge of Christ and growth in their walk with Him
• Help in educating the girls by paying their school fees and providing scholastic material
• Provide basic needs such as food and clothing for the girls
• Develop the girls’ talents through art and sports
• Assist them in establishing themselves as contributing members of the society
• Provide psychological and physical security in their growth and development
• Provide developmental opportunities for all of our children

This ministry has been a vision of community members who have lived in and observed this particular need over the years.

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