Refugee Cooperative Services at Lutheran Services in Iowa and Catholic Charities

Organization Description: 

Refugees are people who have fled their country becuase of a fear of persecution due to race, religion, nationality, ethnicity, political opinion or social group. Each year Refugee Cooperative Services help to resettle over 230 refugees to the Des Moines area from countries like Iraq, Burundi, Somalia, and Liberia. Refugees coming to Iowa face many challenges, including learning to adapt to a new country, culture and language. Here at Refugee Cooperative Services we are helping them by finding housing, meeting them at the airport, initially providing basic household goods, and assisting with paperwork. Within the first months, we help refugees find jobs or enroll in school and strive to help them become self-sufficient and independent.

Organizational Email:
3116 University Ave
Des Moinea, IA 50311
Mission Statement: 

Lutheran Services in Iowa responds to the love of Jesus Christ through acts of service to all.

Called by God's spirit and in response to Christ's love, this social ministry organization of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America will serve as Jesus served. As a part of the Church's mission, we trust God will work through us to bring health, hope and healing to the world and to advocate for the dignity of our neighbors in community.

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