Reiman Charitable Foundation, Inc.

Primary Contact: 
Michael J. Hipp
115 South 84th Street
Milwaukee, WI 53214
Type of Funder: 
Areas of Interest Description: 

Animal Advocacy and Rescue

Campus Crusade for Christ


Geographic Focus: 
Geographic Focus Limitations: 

Appears to fund organizations based in Wisconsin, but has a history of funding organizations in the following states:  Colorado, Missouri, New York, Maryland, Minnesota, Iowa, Washington, Indiana, Florida, New Mexico, Arizona, Virginia, Texas, and Washington D.C.

Does not fund organizations outside the United States.

Total Annual Giving: 


Average Grant Range: 


Average Number of Requests & Grants Per Year: 


Application Procedures: 

Please contact the organization for more information.

Funding Limitations Description: 

Appears to not fund individuals, nor offer fellowships or scholarships.  Appears to not offer endowment funds.

Selected Grants: 

Joyce Meyer Ministries, Missouri 2006:  $2,000

St. Thomas Aquinas Church, Iowa 2006:  $50,000

St. Catherine Residence, Wisonsin 2006:  $20,000

City/Metropolitan Area: 
Annual Giving: