Restore Transform

475 CR 180
Leander, TX 78641
Mission Statement: 

Problem: Our community has an increasing number of chronic illnesses / diseases, along with stress/anxiety, various types of addictions, unhealthy eating habits / lifestyles, declining general health and quality of life, dysfunctional habits that lead to broken families, etc... Merely prescribing a pill or chemical treatment more often than not is "masking" or putting a bandaid on the symptoms and is not a long-term solution for individuals or our community in general.

Our ultimate goal should be healing, long-term health, utmost highest quality of life, longevity in living, teaching healthy habits, nurturing the family-unit, making sure kids have building-blocks for a healthy future, etc. Less chronic illnesses, less obesity, less money spent on a cycle of long-term healthcare, less stress (& possible abuse, anger, demise of marriages/families), less depression/anxiety/abuse & suicide, less addictive behaviors, less hopelessness that "nothing will work", etc. This is why natural / integrative therapies have recently received more attention in recent times - rightfully so. Following a treatment plan given by one or various holistic-minded professionals has shown statistically to improve if not directly heal most ailments or issues.

Solution: We want to make it easy for anyone in our community to gain natural / integrative treatments to add to their current general medical care/therapies. Mainstream health insurances are now covering some of these modalities (which indicates they actually work), but unfortunately have small annual expense caps (most of the time $500/annually), which dont allow for highly-effective care.

We believe it's not just ONE holistic or natural treatment or habit, but a combination that is most effective...especially since we would see an array of different issues/struggles/situations that respond better to a certain method and perhaps not-so-much another. Also, if one area of our body (be it physical, mental, emotional, spiritual), the root of the issue can sometimes be unknown or unnoticed - if we treat the body as a whole, we can address everything the person is directly or indirectly struggling with (major or minor). This is why we are expanding our services beyond just mental health and branching out to treat the ENTIRE / WHOLE person - physically, mentally, spiritually. We will serve all ages, genders, cultures, sizes, abilities, health condition, financial situation, faith/religion, etc.

While we are offering below market-rate fees for our services, we are also accepting donations from the public to build-up a "financial aid" fund for those that have chronic diseases &/or life-threatening conditions that cannot afford the long-term care which can add forward healing momentum and positive quality of life to their journey.

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