Revelation Performing Arts Studio Inc

Organization Description: 

Revelation Performing Arts Studio Inc, (RPAS, Inc), is a faith-based nonprofit 501 (c) 3 performing arts organization, founded upon the fundamental ?truths? of faith, grace, and many blessings. Founded in nineteen hundred ninety-nine under the auspice of Mrs. Bridgette Chapman, RPAS, Inc serves to educate and uplift communities through the arts via the transformation of hearts; one child, youth, and or adult at a time; ultimately bringing them to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior of their life. An educator by profession, entrepreneur by calling and Christian by the divine grace of her Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, Mrs. Chapman's life mission is to use the arts to glorify God. Only the most heart-felt humble professionals are employed by RPAS, Inc creating a nurturing environment where clients are free to develop spirit, mind, body, and soul. RPAS, Inc comprises if many components in order to accomplish its mission of "Christ in Culture:" (1) Community Arts Studio is opened six days a week offering dance, music, and theatre to the community at-large-ages 3.5 to Golden Saints (2) Shared Theatre Education Program-an afterschool initiative that brings character development and arts education to local schools, (3) Early Childhood Arts and Literacy Initiatives introduces the fine arts to children 3yrs to 4yrs, in order to enhance their creativity and future academic performance (4) Performance Repertoire consist of Junior High to College students who excel creatively and academically and serve as the evangelist arm of the ministry performing throughout the tri-state community (5) The Chosen Cafe allows Christian artist to minister to an adult crowd that want to enjoy evenings out in a Christian environment.

Organizational Email:
5712 Church Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11203
Mission Statement: 

Revelation Performing Arts Studio Inc is steadfast in its commitment to educate and uplift communities through the arts via the transformations of hearts-one child, youth, and/or adult at a time; ultimately, leading them to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior over their lives.

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

Revelation Performing Arts Studio Inc is a Christian organizations consecrated unto Jesus Christ-Lord and Savior.

Revelation Performing Arts Studio Inc beliefs and operational systems are, structured upon biblical principles from Genesis to Revelation

Revelation Performing Arts Studio Inc is, convicted about the truths of the bible, from Genesis to Revelation

It is Revelation Performing Arts Studio intent to exist beyond the generations of the founder?s children?s, children?s children

As such, there are eternal prerequisites that Revelation Performing Arts Studio is, built upon.

RPAS, Inc Core Purpose

I. To use the arts to transform hearts to the saving of souls in Christ Jesus, our Lord and Savior

A) Revelation, raising a generation of children and youth in the admonishment of Christ, knowing their gifts, talents, and abilities are of Him.

B) Repentance, fostering a safe-haven which allows youth to bring ?purity? back to the art forms of Dance, Music, Drama, and Visual Arts

C) Restoration, according to this revealed truth, allow children
and youth to bring their talents, gifts and abilities under the authority and submission of Christ our Savior.

II. Service, enhancing youth development through Christ-like service in the administration of all aspects of our programming

III. Fortitude, to be relentless with ourselves and exist beyond anyone individual

RPAS, Inc Core Value

To serve others as if we are serving our Lord and Savior, while serving God wholeheartedly in excellence.

RPAS, Inc Goals

? To rise-up a new generation of children, youth, and adults in the admonition of Christ.
? To bring an awareness to children, youth, and adults of righteousness and unrighteousness in accordance to biblical standards
? To bring a ?righteous? standard to the art forms of dance, music, theatre, and visual arts
? To train ?anointed? students as professional performing artist in the field of dance, theatre, and movies (in front and behind the scenes), bringing a higher standard to the arts, by offering a diverse curriculum integrated with character development.
? To maintain a professional staff of integrity in the arts consisting of exceptional teachers, actors, musicians, and guest artist
? To offer classes at minimum cost in addition to offering full and partial scholarships to exceptional students of the arts.
? To maintain a family atmosphere within all our facilities

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