Revolution Abstinence

Organization Description: 

Revolution Abstinence was created to ignite change in Christians but also in Non-Christians to help make the world become a better place by promoting purity in all individuals throughout the world. Our goal is to attack underlying causes of these issues and bring total resolution by research, offering spiritual healing, and restoring communities from years of pain through life-skills teaching, self-awareness seminars, abstinence education and community development.

The Revolution Abstinence has just under a 3 year track record of educating youth and young adults in the area of abstinence from drugs, alcohol, pre-marital sex, eating disorders and more. Program graduates also participate in Moving Forward in Purity which offers additional support and resources to sustain a lifestyle of abstinence. We are in the process of acquiring supplies and resources for the organization i.e. administrative, publishing/printing curriculum, Purity Packs (T-shirts, journals, purity bracelets, curriculum, and Purity Ceremony). In 2011 our goal is to serve 350 Program Participates within churches, rehabilitation centers, homeless shelters, schools, and in partnership with other non-profit organizations.

Revolution Abstinence
Atlanta, GA 30339
Mission Statement: 

Spiritually educate, train and nurture individuals worldwide by teaching them life skills and to live in total purity while reaching their purpose in life by:
-Eliminating life controlling issues in individuals globally.
-Provide accountability and support through community projects via workshops, conferences, small groups, creative arts, and through rehabilitation facility.
-Bringing awareness to issues through partnerships with various community

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