Organization Description: 

SOG is a non-political, non-profit making, non secretarial voluntary service organization. Street of Gold is concerned with the support of sustainable human development efforts, targeting the neediest groups in the country, particularly women and children, in cooperation with the organizations and institution active in this field.

SOG is committed providing the world’s best event for everyone involved in the volunteerism, exchange programmes, school exchange programmes, management and delivery of content for the volunteering organizations.

By responding rapidly to emergencies SOG's volunteers aid provides relief to victims of national disasters, wars and famine and through long-term development programmes such as provision of clean water, shelter, education, culture, rural development, economic promotion, income generations, health care, vocational training (including women’s development) and sustainable solution. Through generous donations and legacy contribution, SOG has helped save and improve the lives of people in Ghana and the rest of world.

Our outfit prides itself in quick and prompt services with regards to volunteer placements, student exchange guide (school exchange programmes), inter-cultural guide, media internships in Ghana, multimedia, event management, conservation / forestry, IT training, cadets and red cross, national resources management, community education, music and arts and marine research expedition.

Mission Statement: 

Aims and Philosophies

To promote inter-cultural Exchange Guide (cross culture programmes), students Exchange Guide (School Exchange Programmes), volunteers placement, workshops and social events between SOG and the international community through the eyes of STREET OF GOLD; To create a common forum for exchange of ideas; information, knowledge and experience in order to improve the socio- economic well being of children; To initiate a process of collaboration and linkages between street of gold advocators and other children foundation promoters which have similar objectives in achieving international goals; To seek and promote a better world and understanding of Ghanaian children, European (or others) through SOG a programme with the children of other nations; To organise educational programmes and recreational activities for the children; To deliberate on how children issues can be transmitted to the wider society; To help in the ministry of an organisation which reaches children.

SOG Organizational Overview The following groups continuously shape the foundation of SOG:

Council The SOG council members are specially invited senior figures from a board spectrum of foundation and organizations from a wide spread of countries. The council was created to help street of Gold meet the needs of the volunteers by addressing the issues of growth, globalization and convergence.

Partnership SOG is a partnership. The partners are the six sponsor bodies. Each partner has a board member to perform the loyal and contractual obligation of SOG. The board overseas the policy, budget and general direction of SOG.

Committees Specialist committees carry out the detailed planning of the various strands of SOG. Expert volunteers from organizations serve on committees responsible for the camps, workshop, exhibitions and technical resource and events.

SOG office The SOG office is the administrative hub of the event. Specialist staff deal with the camps, workshops, conference, registration, finance, the web site and the all important administration.

Organizational Statement of Faith: 


G. 14, 339
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