Rural Development Centre Association(RUDEC) Cameroon

Organization Description: 

The Rural Development Centre (RUDEC) which started in the South West Region in 2001, RUDEC became a reality in the North West Region, in Belo, in 2005 and was registered in February 2006 as a Common Initiative Group (CIG). In December 2011 RUDEC was upgraded and registered as an association with the Government of Cameroon as not for profit organization with a wider operational area to cover Cameroon and also be able to have branches all over the country. The idea for RUDEC came about as a means to create opportunities for the Cameroonian youths. The founders realized that by focusing on the needs of rural people, a centre such as RUDEC could empower and benefit local communities.

Members are involved in grassroots participatory programs and are advocates of rural development in Belo, Boyo Division and later beyond. Since inception, RUDEC has worked with various groups and individuals through programs such as beekeeping, market-orientated gardening, destitute or orphaned children, the youth/families guinea pig program, community empowerment projects and community health outreach initiative. These activities are all geared towards the generation of income, social well-being, improved nutritional status, enhanced livelihood for all and protect the environment

Church Street Road Belo,Po Box 09 Njinikom, Boyo Division, North West Region, Cameroon
Belo, +237
Mission Statement: 

RUDEC Cameroon mission, as a non-governmental organization, is to continually seek resources that can promote the socio-economic empowerment of the underprivileged, contribute toward community development and skill sharing through voluntary interchange in Cameroonian communities.

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