Rural Life Enhancement Mission - RuLEM

Organization Description: 

Rural Life Enhancement Mission - RuLEM is a Ghana based Christian non-profit charity organization which seeks a total welfare of people who live in remote rural communities in third and second world countries, with a singular objective of touching and transforming lives. RuLEM receives and sends missionaries to mission fields where the gospel is not widespread, where there are no churches and where there is the need to improve living standards. RuLEM works in partnership with churches, christian charity organizations, volunteer missionaries from diverse backgrounds, and local people (indigenous/beneficiaries) to ensure drastic transformation of rural lives.

P.O. Box KS 8263
Kumasi, 00233
Mission Statement: 

Rural Life Enhancement Mission ? RuLEM exists to reach remote rural communities with the gospel of Jesus Christ and plant churches for them to have continued fellowship whilst having their material needs met and their lives transformed.

The 3Ps Agenda 1. Preaching the gospel 2. Planting churches 3. Promoting community development and life transformation

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

We believe in the Trinity (God Head, three distinct personalities in one God): God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. We believe in the inerrancy and infalibility of Scriptures, and that all scriptures are from the inspiration of God. We believe that the Holy Spirit does the work of conviction, that salvation is by grace through our Lord Jesus Christ, and that heaven and hell are real.

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