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Gaia Activist Program. Starting: March 1 and Sept 1, yearly. Volunteer for 6 months in the Caribbean (total: 6 months). Cost: Training fees apply.Fighting with the Poor- Program to Latin America (Belize, Brazil or Ecuador). Starting: March 1 and Sept 1, yearly.Training for 6 months on St Vincent, volunteer-travel in Latin America for 6 months, documenting and teaching about your experience for 6 months in the Caribbean (total: 18 months). Cost: Training fees apply, some scholarships are available.

Chateaubelair, 000002
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
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Richmond Vale Academy (RVA) to train to learn how to be a community service leader in developing countries! RVAÂ’'s programs focus on farming, sustainability, environment, learning and community development in the Caribbean and Latin America. No degree is required, just a willingness to volunteer and learn about how you can make a difference! The minimum age limit is 18 (there is no maximum). The program is taught in English, but there is a huge emphasis on learning Spanish if you choose a Latin American program.

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