The Salvation Army

Organization Description: 

The Salvation Army is a social service and religious organization providing services to those in need. In Wausau, services include Shelter, Community Center, Social Service office, Meal Program, Family Store and Church Meetings.

Organizational Email:
202 Callon St.
Wausau, WI 54401
Mission Statement: 

The Salvation Army of Wausau has a vision for the future.

We will empower effective leaders through training, encouragement, and mentoring.

We will become known for God-honoring worship services that attract and nurture people through relevant Bible teaching, inspiring music, and a welcoming atmosphere.

Our burning desire is that social service and shelter participants will recognize The Salvation Army as a place where Jesus, the source of spiritual healing, can be found.

We see every believer in our fellowship to be on a personal journey towards holy living. This will be evidenced through witnessing, participation in meaningful bible study, and mentoring others on their spiritual journey.

We seek to be a church that will purposefully develop and nurture a Christ-centered environment where members of the community, our employees and volunteers can find a sense of belonging, opportunities for meaningful services and a place that encourages spiritual growth.

Believers will feel valued because they will know their spiritual gifts and will be equipped for and matched with ministry where they can be most effective.

We will share the spiritual and financial gifts that God has given us. We will give joyfully, enabling our local ministries to become self supporting, financially responsible and active in advancing The Salvation Army?s mission worldwide.

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