Samaritan Counseling Services

Organization Description: 

Samaritan Counseling Services, a faith-sensitive provider of client-based professional psychological services, fosters spiritual, emotional, physical and social well-being. Built on the values of quality, teamwork, trust and innovation, dedicated credentialed professionals adhere to the highest standards defined by accrediting agencies and state and federal regulations. Quality, evidence-based clinical care, focused on the needs and desires of clients and families, is provided in the most cost-effective way possible, respecting clients' faith perspectives and personal goals and objectives. Based on more than 25 years of trust, respect and confidentiality, Samaritan Counseling Services continually seeks new and innovative processes to ensure delivery of the most competent and efficient care possible.

2890 Carpenter Road #1600
Ann Arbor, MI 48108
Mission Statement: 

Samaritan Counseling Services is a faith-sensitive, outpatient mental health service of licensed professional psychotherapists affiliated with the Samaritan Institute. As a non-profit professional counseling and psychotherapy extension of area congregations, Samaritan serves Washtenaw, Livingston and Western Wayne county churches and their communities by providing effective, quality, affordable counseling, psychotherapy and education which utilize psychological, theological and medical disciplines to treat the whole person.

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

The caregivers of Samaritan Counseling Services believe that traditional counseling and psychotherapy can be made more powerful by including activities that promote spiritual life. With both theological and clinical training, our psychotherapists are equipped to incorporate into therapy, spiritual activities such as prayer, meditation, scriptural and ethical reflections, and participation in a faith community. These activities are introduced into counseling only in a way that is respectful of the persons faith perspective and consistent with good psychotherapy. Samaritan, though particularly informed by the Christian tradition, welcomes all who seek counseling regardless of their religious background or interests.

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