San Diego CityFest with Luis Palau

Organization Description: 

Stage One: Season of Service
Hundreds of participating churches become the primary channel to mobilize thousands of believers across the region. These people commit to praying for and inviting five non-Christian friends to help meet specific needs in their community. Service projects, identified by local neighborhood associations, churches, and nonprofit organizations, are launched and the community experiences the tangible love of Jesus Christ.

Stage Two: Festival
The two-day festival is a time of celebration and proclamation. Celebrating all that is accomplished through the Season of Service, the festival features Luis Palau and partner evangelists sharing the Gospel. Christians who served in the Season of Service invite their unbelieving friends, giving them the opportunity to respond to the Good News. Counselors are trained in advance and pray personally with those who respond to the Gospel, which is presented multiple times at the festival. All are challenged to continue serving their communities long-term.

Stage Three: Long-Term Impact
In this post-festival stage, thousands of additional volunteers (recruited at the weekend festival) engage in public service projects throughout the area.

11585 Sorrento Valley Road
San Diego, CA 92121
Mission Statement: 

Proclaim the Gospel
In dependence upon God, we want to win as many people as possible to Jesus Christ throughout the world, proclaiming His Good News by all available means to the millions of people who have yet to respond to the Gospel.

Mobilize the Church
In dependence upon God, we want to emphasize with the Church the principles of victorious Christian living (Galatians 2:20), so as to stimulate, revive, train, and mobilize the Church to continuous, effective evangelism, follow-up, and church growth.

Equip the Next Generation
In dependence upon God, we want to hold high the banner of biblical evangelism, influencing Christianity worldwide and raising up a new generation of godly leaders, so that the ChurchÂ’s commitment to evangelism will never die.

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