Santa Maria Hostel, Inc.

Organization Description: 

Santa Maria's clients are women with children or pregnant women who have a history of chronic drug abuse. As of January 1, 2008, 99% of our clients live below the federal poverty level, and most suffer from tremendous financial difficulties.

Although Santa Maria serves women from all over Texas, our target region includes the 13 counties surrounding the Houston metropolitan area.

Services for Women

Santa Maria has been very successful at addressing the effects of substance abuse on mothers and their children by providing comprehensive services through a continuum of care for pregnant/parenting women and women with children accompanying them to treatment that includes:

‚‚· Intensive Residential Treatment for up to 3 months;
‚‚· Supportive Residential Treatment for up to 2 months;
‚‚· Outpatient Treatment and Aftercare Services for up to 1 year;
‚‚· Integrated services for clients identified with co-occurring psychiatric and substance abuse disorders throughout all levels of care;
‚‚· Post-treatment follow-up after women and their children complete all services; and
‚‚· Individualized case management at all levels.

Services for Children

Santa Maria believes that keeping and treating families together helps in the recovery process and provides:
‚‚· Residential Services for children to reside at Santa Maria while their mother is in residential treatment;
‚‚· Prevention Services to help children gain resiliency skills using Strengthening Families;
‚‚· Homework Assistance while their mother attends treatment services;
‚‚· Childcare while their mother receives treatment services;
‚‚· Physicals, immunizations & access to healthcare;
‚‚· Parenting Classes for women to learn & practice strategies/skills using Partners in Parenting; and,
‚‚· Additional Activities, such as museum trips, holiday events and reading programs.

Service ‚‚· Success ‚‚· Sustainability

Santa Maria?s clients are assessed and provided services in the continuum based on individualized needs and progress towards achieving improved physical and mental health, family functioning and economic stability that supports a drug- and violence-free lifestyle.

Over the years, Santa Maria has consistently achieved a level of success that ranks among the very best in the state of Texas and the country:
‚‚· Santa Maria is the largest multi-site substance abuse treatment center serving both women and their children in the State of Texas;
‚‚· Santa Maria is one of the largest facilities in Texas to offer women trauma-informed residential & outpatient treatment and aftercare services which is essential to long-term recovery from substance abuse;
‚‚· Santa Maria is the primary source of state-funded specialized substance abuse treatment for women and women with children in Harris County and the surrounding 12 counties of Texas Public Heath Region 6;
‚‚· Santa Maria provided 65% of residential and outpatient treatment in the 13-county region for this targeted population in 2007;
‚‚· Over the past 5 years, Santa Maria treated 5,000 women and is aspiring to serve over 10,000 women in the next 5 years;
‚‚· From 2001 to 2008, the number of women and children served at Santa Maria has more than quadrupled;
‚‚· Clients at Santa Maria successfully complete both outpatient and residential treatment at a higher percentage than the state average; and
‚‚· Santa Maria?s success rate for clients? continued abstinence has exceeded the state average for the last 10 years.

2005 Jacquelyn
Houston, TX 77055
Mission Statement: 

The mission of Santa Maria Hostel, Inc. is to empower women and their children is to become alcohol and drug free

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