Organization Description: 

S.A.C.U. Nursery School Buwundo – Buikwe District is an orphanage school that gives free education to all vulnerable, orphans and needy children. The school offer formal education to children in the community. SACU NURSERY SHOOL BUWUNDO is located in Buikwe district, Najjembe Sub County, Buvunya Parish Buwundo village. Currently the school has no furniture and buildings as well as stationary plus teachers due to luck of funds to finance them. In the second term of this school, we plan to rent buildings and move away from tree shades and also get some good furniture because some students have no where to sit while in the class. We plan to recruit two teachers on the salary basis which will push the school ahead, other teachers will be volunteers as usually done. Therefore it is a great opportunity for you to get involved in this program. You can come and teach as part of your volunteering activity or help in the school needs

Buwundo village Buikwe district, 256
Mission Statement: 

Our Mission is to intervene and fight the growing trend of HIV/AIDS by specifically targeting children and their families in poverty-stricken homes. We believe that a decline in the prevalence of HIV/AIDS and the resulting economic impact can be achieved through grass roots level community outreach programs. We have outlined two major avenues that are already in place in the following outline:

The Save African Child Uganda is nonprofit organizations that seek to collaborate with diverse partners on the design of sustainable rural health and development solutions through networking, advocacy and project innovation in Buikwe District. We strive to uphold this mission in the following ways:

Core Values Ø Working on project development in collaboration with our local non-governmental and governmental partners in Buikwe District, as well as the communities involved in the projects Ø Advocating for community health and development through networking inside and outside the district, and supporting efforts on the ground by local partners Ø Focusing on understanding the epidemiology and etiology of public health problems in Buikwe in order to inform and support direct service projects Ø Sustainable public health and development programs that have real impact in communities Ø Culturally-appropriate project design Ø Interdisciplinary long and short term volunteer teams of professionals and students which seek to support on the ground efforts of Save African Child Uganda and its partners Ø Learning about and experiencing the culture and daily lives of the Ugandan people Ø In-depth planning, development, and evaluation to ensure outcomes are achieved

Organizational Statement of Faith: 


SAVE AFRICAN CHILD UGANDA is a multi-dimensional organization seeking to provide a wide range of services to orphans, street kids and other children held back by poverty, abandonment, abuse, or other difficult circumstances.

Save African Child Uganda is a voluntary, non-partisan, non-governmental organization seeking to operate under Biblical Christian principles and the leading of the Holy Spirit. Our mission: To cater for orphans and vulnerable children and abandoned children who are in age bracket of 3- 10 years in this we have set up a home for the children mentioned above, in which we offer to them accommodation, food, clothing, medication and free education and to training and assistance to empower widows and single parents and enable them to keep and provide economically for their own children.

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