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Save Orphans Uganda (SOU) is a Non-Governmental and Non-profit making Organization (NGO) that was initiated by a team of four (4) people namely: Mr. Baluku Roben, Mr. Sekitto Joseph Kennie, Mr. Segujja Yusuf and Mr. Mushabe Nelson.
Three of the members had lost their fathers (the late Ssozi Mukasa in 1985), the late Kalule Lawrence in 1993), (the late John Kisembo) in 1994, to HIV/AIDS; after living the life of an orphan from primary level to date, †’‚†’¢€š‚†’??We saw a lot of untold suffering and experiences in various aspects of human life, which an orphan will always think would not come his/her way had the parents been alive; so after this experience, problems ranging from lack of basic needs, to school fees and parental care left us perplexed and in a state of incomplete life which normally kept us crying all the way. Basing on the increasing number of orphans in Uganda which is over 2,000,000, majority are paternal whose health and condition is in misery in meeting basic needs of life, 8% of double orphans are attributed to AIDS. We therefore developed the mind of initiating an organization which would help the orphans to at least learn how to cope up with their situation, and also get to be accepted in the society. We remained with this dream until the right time for it had to come, thus we thought of Save Orphans Uganda (SOU).

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