Scottish Lifestyle Msagazine

91 Abbeygreen Road
Lesmahagow, ML11 0EF
Mission Statement: 

The Scottish Lifestyle Magazine was conceived as a quality community magazine designed to reveal the heart, passion and lifestyle of the Scottish people within their respective geographical communities in such a way that celebrates and emphasises the fact that people matters.

Our editions provide each community we serve with quality reporting that reveals their uniqueness, strength, social living, common beliefs, recreation and heritage.

Our online, print and television readers can expect to be informed, entertained, enlightened and edified with positive & encouraging news reports, interviews and feature articles that enables them to relate and connect to the community at large and to the world around them.

We are not a political magazine and we seek not to cover political news as it is well covered by other publications in the market place. Our goal is to reveal the character and value of the individual within the community and to celebrate how their life and choices affects the community as a whole.

As a modern, relevant peopleÂ’s magazine we are constantly unfolding new topics, sourcing new interests, asking new questions, listening and learning how to serve the people, and increasing our total commitment to developing the magazine for the enjoyment of our readers, guests and advertisers.

We strive to meet the demand and expectation of gaining a strong foothold in the heart of Scottish people and in the marketplace.

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