Sea Mercy

Organization Description: 

In the South Pacific, there are no roads, power lines, or phone systems to connect the smaller, less populated, islands to the same services offered on the more populated, primary islands. Sadly, these remote islands are left without even the most basic of health care services. Sea Mercy delivers health care services and supplies to the remote island citizens, addresses training of local health care professionals, provides educational training (health and climate change) for remote island communities, and implements emergency communication and medical response services. Our US based health care volunteers "stand in the gap" to meet the needs.

Sea Mercy is a fleet Floating Health Care Clinic (FHCC) staffed by U.S. based health care volunteers serving the remote islands of the South Pacific. The FHCC is a modified sailing catamaran that carries doctors, dentists, optometrist, nurses and the necessary medical supplies to these remote islands in order to deliver free Preventive, Curative, Educational and Rehabilitative services where there are no health care services available. We work directly with our island nation partner's local health care staff who act as our liaison and interpreters.

With each island nation partner, Sea Mercy will deliver consistent primary health care to all citizens of the island nations (not just the primary island citizens). There are no health care delivery mechanisms to reach those remote islands, nor are there the available trained local health care staff and medicines to treat them. That is why our program is so valuable and important.

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Mission Statement: 

Sea Mercy's vision is to be the most effective preventive, curative, promotional and rehabilitative floating health care provider and service delivery mechanism to support the remote citizens of the island nations. Our mission is therefore to ensure our community sector has the practical tools and talent available to accomplish those visionary ends. To accomplish this in the short term we will provide floating health clinics to needy populations. To effect long term community improvement, we work to increase awareness of the health issues facing these vulnerable populations.

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