Organization Description: 


SEDARVP GHANA is a local N.G.O (Non-Government Organization) known as Social Education Development and Rural Volunteer Program with its headquarters located in the northern part of Ghana.

SEDARVP Ghana was formed in the year 2006 and formally registered in the year 2008 under the Ghana Registrar General‚?s Department as a charity organization.

It is a non profit making, non partisan, non religious and non racial (or non ethnic) organization which aims to assist the orphans, street children and poor families in rural and remote areas of Ghana to have a better future.

Post office Box co 2596
Accra/Tema, 00233
Mission Statement: 

Among the inhabitants of northern Ghana out of 100 people, 85 people are considered poor. The majority of them live in the rural areas without basic infrastructure facilities providing clean drinking water, electricity and good shelter. Most of these people engage themselves in farming which is not a secure income source because of changes in weather etc.

Many parents do not have the possibility to put their children in school. This can be due to financial problems and other cultural practices and also because there are few schools in the area, and even in some areas there are no schools at all. These people and the entire communities are in need of help in all aspects of life, but most especially with quality education.

In Ghana as a developing country, many people live and work without being able to affect their own situation. Even people who have had the possibility of gaining an education or who have a lot of working experience still cannot be sure to get employment in their field or even in other fields. People with ideas and dreams have no possibility to make them come true despite their hard work.

Our Vision is to help develop Ghana through education and through supporting the locals to reach their goals in developing themselves and their communities. Our Goals are:

* To assist in the education of underprivileged children in the northern region, with the assistance of both local and International Volunteers.
* To assist in the education of adults, so they can support their youth in creating a better living situation for their family and country.
* To train the unemployed and underprivileged to be able to attain financial independence in their own town thanks to micro businesses.
* To assist deprived communities through capacity building training.
* To listen to and meet the needs of people in Northern Ghana.
* To create awareness and sharing of experience between Ghanaians and people from abroad. Also to in still in Ghanaians the act of volunteerism.
* To develop strategies to Initiate and support different development projects based on the requests and needs of locals and with great involvement by them. The projects supported are inline with the goals of SEDARVP-Ghana. To enable an exchange between different countries in the west and Ghana.
* To evaluate our activities and act on local requests to the organization.
* To recruit, prepare and send volunteers to support the projects of SEDARVP Ghana.
* To raise funds through donors and subsidiaries in order to build up a network of persons and organizations who can contribute to the realization of the goals.
* To create partnerships between SEDARVP and other local NGO's.

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