See The Lord

P.O. Box 2337
Santa Clara, CA 95055
Mission Statement: 

Our aim is to reach out to individuals that are most in need of our services either because they cannot afford it or because they have no way of accessing it themselves. All of our services are free of charge to all patients and participants. We rely on generous donors and partner with local foundations in order to care for these underprivileged and neglected.

Health Care We provide quality eye care, examining patients for sight-threatening conditions and diseases. We also prescribe prescription glasses, reading glasses, and sunglasses to our patients so they can not only see better but also protect their eyes. Clinics are held in rural villages at schools, churches, and community centers. Clinics are also held at orphanages and centers for children with special needs. Most of our patients are children or the elderly. Licensed optometrists examine all patients with the assistance of trained optometric assistants and opticians. During these vision screenings, we operate at the highest possible standard of care.

Education Many of the villagers we encounter are plagued by chronic diseases and have poor nutrition. Some even suffer from substance abuse or work-related injuries. So, in addition to administering actual heath care, we also provide seminars on public health and disease management. Based on the needs of the locals, we may offer courses on the English language or other subjects as well. All educational services are tailored to both school-aged children and adults. We hope to teach and assist in basic life skills in order to improve quality of life.

Ministry Physical health is not enough if there is no spiritual health. We aim to serve in providing spiritual nourishment in all the communities we visit so everyone with open hearts can learn about our Lord. We organize children?s activities, bible studies, and various other catechesis events to spread the Good News.

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