Seeds of Africa, Inc

Organization Description: 

Seeds of Africa Foundation is a publicly supported, non-profit organization that financially supports intelligent economically disadvantaged primary and secondary school students in Africa to achieve their academic dreams. We believe in the power of education to end poverty, bring enlightenment and transform lives. We believe that money should not be a binding factor in stopping someone who is eager to get an education. We are dedicated to making sure that any student in Zimbabwe who deserves to go to school will get an opportunity to do so.

02 80604291
Organizational Email:
504/85 New South Head Road
Edgecliff, 2027
Mission Statement: 

The purpose of Seeds of Africa Foundation is to financially support intellectually brilliant African students get an education.

The mainstay of our foundation is promoting education. We subscribe to the philosophy of “development through education.†The philosophy that education is the most powerful and effective way to bring change, independence, innovation and prosperity to Africa.

Seeds of Africa Foundation is dedicated to gathering the resources and funds needed to provide intelligent, economically disadvantaged students with the opportunity to get an education.

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