Shramdeep Socio Economical Development Center

Organization Description: 

Shramdeep is a not-for-profit organization of Nagpur Diocese of the Church of North India under the banner of Nagpur Diocesan Development Association in India was established in May 1997. Irrespective of cast, creed color and relogion, ?Shramdeep? is actively involved in improving the quality of life and empowerment of underprivileged children, youth and women from poor and disadvantaged families by sowing the seed Hope & Confidence through foster Cared-Socio-Economic-Development programs. Shramdeep has a team of dedicated, qualified and highly experienced staff & a team of volunteers to accomplish its mission. The name SHRAMDEEP contains a strong message of Hope. SHRAM translated means hard work and DEEP means light, literally ?Hard work brings light?

Organizational Email:
Ring Road Square, Koradi Road
Nagpur , Maharashtra State, 440 030
Mission Statement: 

A self reliant society through socio economic development where men and women of every household meet their basic needs, and explore their latent potentialities for the benefit of National development process.


A. Disseminate need based information through planned w/shop and seminars on various live issues to the children, youths and women.
B. Provide affordable training to the underprivileged so that they may have the means to earn a living, and to bring them out of extreme poverty.
C. To give back personal pride and dignity to those who have lost it through poverty, by enabling them to support themselves and their families for the future. This means providing a basic standard of living, i.e. food & shelter, providing the children basic schooling and enabling them to meet social pressures in providing dowries for female family members.
D. To give business advice, motivation and financial help ( in the form of means tested loans ) so as to set-up their own income generating small projects. This enables successful trainees ( each trainee needs to pass an exam at the end of their six month course ) from each course to find employment or set up their own business after gaining some experience.
E. To help individuals at the periphery of the society to integrate into the main stream of society. Many of the pupils, girls especially, arrive here having suffered mental, physical and even sexual abuse at the hands of others. Daily abuse within families is very common. This is often fueled by alcohol. Alcohol abuse by men is widespread in slum areas because it is cheap, and because they think, it is a release from the harsh realities of poverty however short. Such poverty and abuse results in lack of confidence, and an inability to form relationship with other people. Integrating with others brings the opportunity of friendships, giving the pupils social skills, which in the strict confines of family life is not always possible. By learning how to relate with others and by having the chance to share problems, pupil leave Shramdeep with much more confidence & hope. Naturally, this enables them to reintegrate into society, and help them to either successfully obtain employment or run a small business of their own.

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

To translate the spirit of Christian love and concern of its supporters into programs of practical and effective services to those who have utmost need of them, irrespective of their race, color, religious belief and political conviction, and therefore Shramdeep came into being as an expression of love, concern and humanity to the God?s creation.

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