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Have you ever been passionate about a work, and when you shared your idea with others they just rolled their eyes in disbelief and said, "Yeah, right." Ever felt like stepping out of the box of conventionality into the realm of the unknown, and again, well-meaning friends and family discouraged. Or, maybe you actually got up off your couch to get involved in Christian service as others laughed and scoffed. All the while knowing that God created you with purpose, and gifted you to do this work, you ask, Why all this negativity? Of course you don't know HOW it will all come together, or even when. Of course it's not logical! But, still, ever looming in the back of your mind you hear God's strong voice saying, "My ways are not your ways; neither are My thoughts your thoughts." (refer to Isaiah 55:8)

So it was with Nehemiah. He was a mere servant for the king, a cupbearer. But he had a vision, a desire to rebuild the fallen wall around Jerusalem. Now this was no ordinary feat, but one that required great skill, and many hands, and time. As others laughed him to scorn, and despised him, he continued on with the attitude of "So?" He persevered and engaged the people of the city to help, and they literally built with one hand while holding weapons in the other as they fought against their enemies. And the wall was finished in just 52 days!

So it is with us today. Being nothing more than servants for King Jesus, we at So What! Ministries share a vision. No matter what obstacles are thrown in our paths we are determined to do whatever God asks us to do. Even if others don't believe in us, we will continue on and say, So what! God doesn't always call the equipped, but He equips the ones He calls!

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42 Planters Glen Dr
Angier, NC 27501
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