Sojourn Academy

Organization Description: 

50% of our students are the children of missionaries who either live permanently in Costa Rica or are studying temporarily at the Spanish Language Institute. The other half are children of Costa Ricans. Our school year runs on a US calendar, from September to June. Classes are taught in English, using a Christ-centered, North American curriculum.

Apdo. 100-2350
San Jose, Costa Rica, 100-2350
Costa Rica
Mission Statement: 

Sojourn Academy is an evangelical Christian institution whose mission is to form quality students at the preschool, elementary and secondary levels, with high moral, social, physical, academic and spiritual values, capable of meeting the demands of the workplace, the community, the family and the individual. Sojourn aims to help children and youth adjust to a new culture, acquire a new language, and advance academically, guided by a competent, international staff of teachers in a secure, spiritually nourishing environment.

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

We subscribe to the statement of faith of the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI).

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