Sondra Jimmerson

Organization Description: 

Revolution Abstinence was created to promote worldwide abstinence. Revolution Abstinence plans to promote total abstinence and assist with decreasing the AIDS Epidemic, other sexually transmitted diseases, promote healthy, long-lasting marriages, decrease teenage pregnancy rate, and eliminate other life controlling issues such as drugs and alcohol addiction.

Our goal is to revive the world by applying biblical principals to each person's life by starting in America. The United States was founded upon biblical morals and now has lost it's way. Now it is time to help America find it's way home. The goal is to challenge individuals to take a stand for what is right and stop allowing the world's view to determine how we should live. This involves being bold as a believer and knowing that with Christ all things are possible. Revolution Abstinence plans to ignite the fire in believers by rallying together to heal our land with purity.

2451 Cumberland Parkway
Atlanta, GA 30339
Mission Statement: 

Spiritually educate, train and nurture individuals worldwide by teaching them life skills and to live in total purity while reaching their purpose in life by:
-eliminating life controlling issues in individuals globally
-provide accountability and support through community projects via workshops, conferences, small groups, creative arts, and through rehabilitation facilities
-bringing awareness to issues through partnerships with various community organizations

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