Soul Care Project

Organization Description: 

Soul care project is a charity registered organization that started in 2011 by Ronald Amanya with group of university students who believed that God touched them, to touch others by giving a helping hand to less advantaged children in the communities. We believe that children are a blessing from God and it is the true religion that God honors, to help the orphans and widows. For that reason we provide a basket of services like education, Health care, clothing, etc to children who are less advantaged, orphaned, and vulnerable. This we do so that they may become what God wants them to become. We get these children from the different communities especially on the streets of Kampala and around Kampala through community leaders, national police, churches and other organizations. We strongly believe that after these children have become what God wants them to become, they will be in better position to develop their families, communities and also touch the lives of many that are not in our reach. Please you can join us as we take children back to school and train the young generation; your donation, time, prayer etc can change a life

Makerere - Kikoni
Kampala, 7655
Mission Statement: 

Soul Care Project exist as a tool to cause community transformation through child empowerement

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

Slaves can turn into masters and sinners into saints if given time and opportunities

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