Southern Care Hospice

Organization Description: 

SouthernCare is nationally recognized with 95 locations in 15 states. The company was established in 1995 for the sole purpose of meeting the growing demand for quality hospice care. Medical professionals largely agree that, whenever possible, a patient's home porvides a safer, less costly and much more comfortable environment for medical care.
Your SouthernCare office provides Registered Nurses, Chaplains, Medical Directors, Social Workers, Hospice Aides, Homemaker Services, Nutritionists, Volunteers, Licensed Practical/Vocational Nurses, Physical/Occupational/Speeh Therapists.

Organizational Email:
911 W. Loop 281
Longview, TX 75604
Mission Statement: 

The Mission of SouthernCare, Inc. is to assure that residents of its service locales have access to a program of care that enhances the quality of life for the terminally ill and their families. Care for the whole person is emphasized by providing physical, spiritual and emotional support to all medically appropriate persons without discrimination. Efforts are centered on meeting needs by offering highly individualized compassionate care in the person's home or a home-like setting.
SouthernCare, Inc. recognizes the value of dedicated staff and volunteers, and affirms each as individuals, as well as members of the Care Team. SouthernCare, Inc. is dedicated to enhancing the care of all in the community by education, and by example, serve as a symbolic reminder that life is to be lived until you die.

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

The goals of SouthernCare include:
1. To help the patient remain comfortable and able to participate in life as fully as possible.
2. To provide support and care for family and friends so they can remain attentive to the patient throughout the illness.
3. To enhance the quality of life so that the patient can continue to have opportunities to grow as a person, search for meaning, peace and acceptance.
4. To provide ongoing support for family and friends during bereavement.

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