Sovereign Grace Homeland Missions

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Whether impoverished, widowed, disabled, elderly, a single parent or challenged by other extraordinary needs; it is our desire to be a gracious place to land in an all-too-often uncompassionate world. Through being interconnected with over fifty other community ministries and charitable organizations in the Greater New Orleans area:
* Provides immediate aid and resources such as basic food and clothing

* Supplies labor to repair homes that have either fallen into disrepair or been damaged by natural disasters and/or accidents

* Utilizes and seeks out donation and reclamation partnerships and/or donors for provisional needs and reuse

* Seeks to be good stewards by desiring to use and implement environmentally sound and responsible materials and technologies in our restoration efforts

* Offers a year-long internship in urban ministry and renewal strategies and service through on-site living in our Yearling Program

* Offers training in construction-related work in a real-time context of urban ministry through the MasterÂ’s Workshop

* Provides churches and individuals with an alternative short-term missions and work retreat option

(985) 643-8215
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(985) 643-2822
2021 Gause Blvd. East
Slidell, LA 70160
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