Spice Without Borders

Organization Description: 

Spice Chungu is a project of Spice Without Borders, registered under section 10 of the Non-Governmental Organizations Coordination Act, as an international not for profit organization in Kenya certificate No. OP.218/051/15-197/10-000. It is a social change catalysts fellowship for women from the backyard of society who have the courage and spice to challenge the status quo, are full of energy, vision and focus, are privy to social ills and have the natural spice to catalyze social change in their communities. These women are social activists, social project architects, social change provokers, social entrepreneurs, artists. Our leadership development curriculum creates the foundation on which women aged 18 years and older enhance their skills and earn a rare experience they need to access key decision-making roles and leadership positions. Our initiative is building capacity of the most creative women change agents that will help meet the urgent need for women social change catalysts across communities.

This is a concept that was developed by the founder, Erick Matsanza, while on a leadership scholarship in India at kanthari international. On coming to understand that a kanthari is a small but very spicy chili that grows in the backyards of India and does have a medicinal value, the founder picked on a red chili which is a symbol of an individual who is ready to fight for a world free from discrimination, negative attitudes or harmful norms through the provocation of mindset change in the community and through creativism, a term he coined while at kanthari to refer to activism at the intersection of creative arts and social justice.

Spice Without Borders
Nairobi, 00506
Mission Statement: 

Spice Chungus mission is to empower girls and women from the backyard of society with creative and critical thinking skills they need to right the wrongs they witness in the society.

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