Sports Gift

Organization Description: 

Sports Gift offers sports related community service programs to individuals, youth groups, schools, churches, businesses and other groups which allow them to serve God and others by providing the gift of sports to impoverished and disadvantaged children around the world. Sports Gift has collected over 230,000 pieces of sports equipment to help impoverished children all over the world play sports including communities in the United States, Latin America and the Caribbean, Asia and Pacific, Eastern Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. The stories of these children are truly amazing, both in terms of the challenges and hardships these children must overcome and the immense joy and appreciation they experience upon receiving the gift of sports.
Sport is a universal activity that transcends geographies and cultures. Children living in extreme poverty can be stripped of joy and their life can take on a sense of hopelessness. While trying to bring the message of hope and salvation that comes through Jesus Christ, sports can be used as a powerful tool. A gift of sports equipment to these children as part of a gospel ministry can be a tangible expression of God‚‚‚‚’s love for these children and open their hearts to God. Not only do the children receive a special blessing through sports, but parents in these communities are lifted in hope and optimism seeing their children run, play and laugh through the gift of sports equipment. The gift of sports equipment along with the gospel message can transform an entire village or orphanage.

26072 Merit Circle, #121
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Mission Statement: 

Sports Gift is a faith based non-profit organization focused on providing sports to impoverished and disadvantaged children throughout the world and promoting sports related community service to share God’s love with people in need. We believe that sports are a gift from God providing children a means to strengthen their minds and bodies and a safe environment to develop godly character through youth sports. Our work seeks to support churches and Christian charities using sports to introduce Jesus Christ to impoverished children around the world and as a tangible demonstration of God’s love for them.

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

We believe that Jesus Christ is the son of God who died for our sins. Our salvation is through the grace of God. Jesus calls us to love others and to serve others and to make disciples among all nations.

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