Organization Description: 


In October 2004 the International Sports Federation decided to revamp the mobilization leg of the ministry, which resulted in the birth of SportsPlus. This happened for several reasons. ISF wanted to trademark themselves by creating a brand name that would be catchy, trendy and attractive to college students and young adults. ISF wanted a mobilization department that was focused on discipleship of the volunteer while still meeting the needs of the missionaries. This decision was seen as a natural expansion of the original vision of ISF.

After the origination of SportsPlus, the need for increased organization and development of separate policies and procedures was discovered. This separation would help the new mobilization unit function with more professionalism. The result of these efforts birthed SportsPlus, a ministry formerly known as Team ISF. Leadership was established immediately to develop policies and procedures, while concurrently accessing and meeting the needs of the sports mission volunteers. This branch has in no way diminished the focus of ISF?s original vision; however, efforts have been expanded to emerge a new generation of missionaries through discipleship training.

Organizational Email:
4801 Wade Green Road
Acworth, GA 30102
Mission Statement: 


The SportsPlus mobilization team will become a nationally recognized ministry known for empowering, training and mobilizing volunteers to serve on international sports mission projects. SportsPlus will also encourage and empower its team members to recognize and react to the divine mission opportunities that God brings into their lives.


The SportsPlus mobilization team is working to advance the Kingdom of God by recruiting, discipling, training and mobilizing volunteers to fill the sports mission requests of cross-cultural missionaries.

Organizational Statement of Faith: 


1. Our commitment is obedience to the lordship of Jesus Christ and to God?s infallible Word.
2. Our fundamental belief is that Jesus Christ is God?s only provision for salvation and that all people without personal faith in Him are lost and will spend eternity in Hell.
3. Our means of understanding and fulfilling God?s mission are prayer, Bible study, and revelation.
4. Our foundational purpose is to provide all people an opportunity to hear, understand, and respond to the Gospel in their own cultural context.
5. Our task is to facilitate evangelism and discipleship through proclamation, teaching, equipping, and ministry that results in indigenous churches.
6. Our strategy begins with assisting gifted, God-called missionaries, who with mutual respect, accountability, and cooperation, carry out the Great Commission in an incarnational witness.
7. Our role is to encourage and facilitate international missionary involvement of evangelical believers in partnership with overseas Christians who are fulfilling the Great Commission.

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