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455 Shafer Ln.
Jacksonville, OR 97530
Mission Statement: 

Sqweeps.com was started in December of 2007. Our mission is a family friendly search engine that we are adding news to which will include a tab for Gods news. The mission statement for the news section of Sqweeps will be to drive traffic to the web site so people can access Gods news so to "link the body of Christ worldwide".

We are looking for a person who has extensive knowledge in the News industry concerning the world wide web. How to access news and publish it on a web site.

This web site has been set apart by Christ through a vision given to me two years ago. It is a ministry and we are a for profit organization. We are looking for the right person or persons who can accomplish our called mission. We expect receipts of monies to pay someone with the knowledge we need. At present our funds that are generated go to further the web site.

We are looking to have someone treat this as their Christ given mission in life and aid in the development of this important web site.

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

We believe that the word of God in the new and old testament is his words and true.

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