St. Stephen's Youth Programs

419 Shawmut Ave.
Boston, MA 02118
Mission Statement: 

The mission of St. StephenÂ’s Youth Programs is to serve neighborhood children and teens by providing them with a safe, challenging, and supportive community in which they can thrive. We strive to build a community where all people feel safe, feel big, and feel connected.

To fulfill that mission, our Youth Programs promote:

* Safety: Our gathering spaces are well-supervised and physically and emotionally safe.
* Growth: Our integrated, year-round programming supports academic progress, the development of new skills, and exposure to new activities and experiences, all of which give children a bigger sense of themselves. As children get older, there is an increased focus on developing life and leadership skills and encouraging civic involvement and responsibility.
* Relationships: We encourage the development of a loving community based on meaningful relationships between children, teens, parents, teachers, staff, volunteers, and neighbors.

*B-READY stands for Building Resilience, Enrichment Opportunities, Academic Skills, and
Dynamic Leadership in Youth and Young Adults!

*B-SAFE stands for the Bishop's Summer Academic and Fun Enrichment program!

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