Story Casters

Organization Description: 

Story Casters is a new Christian organization whose goal is to evangelize people and encourage believers through story telling.

Ours is no talk show or recited "audio book", we produce audio-dramas - modern day parables that speak to life's issues with Truth from the Scriptures.

Why do this? Jesus Christ met people where they were, witnessing His salvation to the lost; speaking in terms which were meaningful to their situation & culture. We want to do the same. Likewise, busy lives and hectic schedules make it difficult for Christians to fellowship, so we've set out to develop engaging characters who are accessible anytime day or night for the listener to connect with to be enriched & encouraged.

Organizational Email:
55 Koenig Road
Tonawanda, NY 14150
Mission Statement: 


"Therefore go and make disciples of all nations." Matt 28:19

Our idea is simple, fulfill the great commission and call to ministry through the telling of Truth through stories. We create interconnected short stories that relate the gospel to the lost and encouragement to the believer.


"...speak the Truth in Love." Eph 4:15

Jesus Christ spoke timeless truths to those around him by setting them in stories that were relevant to the culture in which they lived. We speak through unique audio programs that take the events and people from scripture - their relationships, struggles, failures, and triumphs, and recast them in modern contexts.


" they were all amazed" Acts 2:12

God ignites the hearts of those who respond to His call with the fire of His Spirit; exhorting us not to extinguish it. In a world that makes it so easy for us to quench the Spirit?s fire, we want to fan its flames even higher. We want the world to be changed one story, one life at a time.

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

We are a bible believing group of people from various denominations that want to commit our creative endeavors to God as acts of worship.

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