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As director of Strategic Justice Initiatives, Inc., and consultant to non-profits, government agencies and churches in the arena of urban transformation, Skinner brings a fresh innovative perspective to community transformation America's cities. .

Strategic Justice Initiatives, Inc. (SJI) serves the local community by assisting local churches, non-profit organizations, governmental agencies, and businesses by giving them a proven Five Phase Transformation process that begins the process of re-claiming their community.

SJI begins by helping you utilize research and analysis of your community, works with you personally to develop a campaign to cast new vision, form strategic partnerships, and then guides you on how to build a community rally to mobilize local citizens to reduce crime and poverty.

As an advocate for justice, Skinner has committed his life to bringing change and healing in the arena of child abuse, social justice, and communities plagued with poverty and crime. He is noted for his work for justice in Civil Rights cases in the African-American and Hispanic community, as well as for abused children.

Skinner is a graduate of Howard Payne University in Brownwood, Texas (B.A.) and Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (M.Div) in Ft. Worth Texas.

He has authored numerous books, including Why God Created Dallas: A Historical and Spiritual Map of the City.

He currently serves as Chairman of the City of Dallas Ethics Advisory Commission, appointed by Mayor Tom Leppert. He also serves on the executive steering committee for Justice Revival 2009 representing Mayor Leppert, which will feature nationally known urban leader Jim Wallis of Sojourners. The event involves over one hundred churches and non profits from the city of Dallas.

Skinner currently lives in West Dallas working as a tireless advocate for those suffering. His home also serves as a spiritual outreach for the community of sixty homes in his neighborhood.

See About the Director for a more detailed description of SJI work in transformation.

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Dallas, TX 75222
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