Strong Harvest International

Organization Description: 

OUR PRIMARY PURPOSE Strong Harvest International works with families in the developing world to provide good nutrition, clean water and economic opportunity ? the basics we all need. OUR PRIMARY TOOL -The Moringa Tree Adding moringa tree leaves to the daily diet significantly improves nutritional intake, helping to reverse the effects of under-nutrition and malnutrition. Moringa seed powder can improve the quality of dirty drinking water by more than 90%, thus reducing the incidence of water-borne illnesses. As moringa gains value in a community, it naturally becomes a commodity and can be used to improve the economy of a family through the sale of moringa products as a small business.

OUR PRIMARY METHOD - Peer Educator Training We train local Peer Educators in basic nutrition and the cultivation and uses of Moringa so that they are equipped to train others in their community and beyond. Because Peer Educators are from the local community the impact is greatly increased as families hear about Moringa from people they know and trust.

8002 NE Hwy 99 PMB #428
Vancouver, WA 98665
Mission Statement: 

Strong Harvest works in the developing world to enhance food security, improve health and increase economic viability at the family level.

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